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Take a look at our glass jars, designed by local New Zealand and Australian illustrators.


Starter Packs

We've put together a range of starter packs to get you underway, including jar, spoon and your favourite collagen.


Collagen & Creamer Refill Packs

Top up your supplies with our collagen creamers & unflavoured collagen, all packed in compostable packs.


More than just recyclable.

Frankie is as committed to the planet, as your inner health!

That's why we pack all of our collagen and creamers into home compostable paper bags. There's no plastic containers or scoops, instead store your collagen in one of our locally designed glass jars.

In our starter packs, along with your choice of jar, you'll also get a long handled gold spoon free, to make it easier to get every spoonful.

We believe reusing is better than anything recyclable.

Frankie x Pet Refuge NZ

Frankie is an official fundraising partner of Pet Refuge NZ, a charity focused on providing animals and their owners with a safe exit strategy from violent households. The shelter ensures that pet owners know their animals are safe while they start a new life.

Frankie is proud to donate 5% of all online sales directly to Pet Refuge NZ. So when you're getting your monthly collagen fix, you're also helping to look after pets need (as well as their owners).

You can learn more about Pet Refuge NZ, on the link below.

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Frankie Jar Illustrators

Chrissy Lau

The 'Frankie Says Relax' Jar was designed by Chrissy Lau, an Australian-based artist who boasts impressive pen and ink skills that have enabled her to develop a bold yet intricate style of illustration.

Chrissy wanted her illustration to inspire a moment of relaxation and calmness amongst the ever-changing and often volatile environment we live in these days.

Rosa Friend

The 'Midnight Botany' Jar was designed by Rosa Friend, a Wellington-based artist who creates beautiful portraits, as well as colourful animal and floral illustrations.

Rosa illustrates as a 'side hustle' to her full time work as a graphic designer. A stunning floral design from one of our favourite young kiwi illustrators.

Liv Lee

The 'Flourish' Jar was designed by Liv Lee, an Australian-based artist whose signature style features wonky interpretations of plants, fruit and animals that inspire happiness and evoke nostalgia.

Through her loosey-goosey style, Liv shows the beauty in the perfectly imperfect, drawing inspiration from the labyrinth-like backyard garden of her childhood